Faculty of Science


The Faculty of Science aims to contribute to a sustainable scientific society through education, research, consultancy and public service. We strive to advance scientific and technological knowledge by engaging in student-centred and innovative research-led training, consultancy and outreach that are responsive to the needs of Malawi and beyond.


Members of staff in the faculty possess a strong sense of basic and applied scientific educational mission and community service. The faculty offers students from different backgrounds and at different levels in career development, the opportunity to realize their academic potential and contribute to the social economic development of our global community through the knowledge and skills they attain. Our programmes span a wide range of scientific fields including biology, chemistry, food science, nutrition, family and consumer studies, geography and earth sciences, mathematical sciences, computer science and physics.


The faculty is also home to the Natural Resources and Environment Centre (NAREC) and Leadership in Environment and Development- South East Africa (LEAD-SEA), two research centres focusing of natural resources and environmental issues; and to a number of research groups including  thee-Communications Research Group (eCRG) focusing on energy, wireless and radio communications technologies.


Since 2011, the faculty has seen an intensification of the faculty’s information dissemination processes through consistent bimonthly newsletters, career talks in secondary schools, and consolidation of the Malawi Journal of Science and Technology.


The faculty collaborates with several universities/research institutions worldwide through formally established links. It is a member of the NEPAD Water centres of excellence, WaterNet, DAAD programme in ‘Higher Education Excellence in Development Co-operation (EXCEED)) and many others. In the next two years (2015 – 2016) we will strengthen the existing collaborations, explore and establish more strong, demand driven and sustainable networks with other universities and research institutions.

Malawi Academy Of Sciences

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