Education Technology (EDTech) Master Classes 2023

The Education Foundations Department is pleased to announce that it will offer the following educational technology masterclasses:







Digital Marketing in Education

Personnel responsible for: marketing;

communication; public relations; academic events; academic programmes

or student recruitment; outreach and community engagement

This masterclass aims at building capacity of education institutions to develop effective digital marketing strategies that meet their business and communication goals

Education business models; market planning in education; digital marketing tools and strategies in education; message design; digital promotion materials; interaction in the digital space; digital education campaigns; evaluating impact of digital marketing in education

30th September- 1st October, 2023


(face to face) or MK50,000


Online Assessment of Learning

Academic staff members, quality assurance head/ directors, heads of department, training coordinators

The masterclass aims at supporting educators to develop and implement effective virtual/online assessment for/of learning

Summative and formative assessment; Aligning  assessment with learning outcomes; quality assurance in online assessment; online assessment tools and

strategies; action plans for online assessments


October, 2023


(face to face) or MK50,000


E-Learning for Non- academic Institutions

Personnel responsible for human resource management  and development, learning management, trainer of trainers

The masterclass aims at supporting non-academic institutions to design and develop effective online trainings/capacity building workshops for their staff

workplace and informal learning; online course design and development; online communities of practice; knowledge management; online learning facilitation; online learning evaluation


October, 2023


(face to face) or MK50,000



How to Apply:

Register before 20th September, 2023 through the link below:

Payment of Fees :

Deposit to UNIMA School of Education, National Bank of Malawi, Zomba Branch. Account number 1124463

For further information, send an email to: