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The School of Natural and Applied Sciences is one of the newly established Schools, emanating from what had previously been called the Faculty of Science. Natural sciences deal with the physical world and include astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. Applied science is the process of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems, and is used in fields such as engineering, health care, information technology, and early childhood education.

Professor Ngongondo holds a PhD in Hydrology (Hydrological Analysis and Modelling) from the University of Oslo in Norway. His research interests are in the scientific assessments of the impacts of climate change in key areas such as water resources, forestry, agricultural production and human health.

Professor Cosmo Socrates Ngongondo

Executive Dean

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Dr. Justice Peter-Stanley Mlatho ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR

Dr. Nelson Christopher Dzupire SENIOR LECTURER

Dr. Kondwani Godwin Munthali SENIOR LECTURER

Dr. Timothy Tiwonge Biswick ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR