Students Sports and Recreation

As a way of relaxing from the rigors of academic life, University of Malawi students are encouraged to engage in various forms of extracurricular activity. This is deemed a way of promoting student mental and physical wellness. In particular, students are encouraged to participate in various sporting activities at the college, managed by the Sports Directorate, under the Office of the Dean of Students.

Sporting Activities

Sporting activities include football, netball, volleyball, table tennis, squash, and basketball. Students can also participate in bodybuilding activities and aerobics at the gymnasium, located in the sports complex. In addition, students can play board games including chess, draughts, scrabble, and the local favourite, bawo.

Gymnassium  Pool

Free Time

The college sets aside Thursday afternoons, from 4.00pm, as time for recreation activities. Additionally, every semester the students’ union organises a social weekend, where students compete in various activities. These competitions can be between individuals, or between structured teams.

Recreational Activities

Recreation activities also include hiking up the Zomba Mountain, or visiting the Zomba Botanical Garden. These events are periodically organised by both students and staff.