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Students pursuing academic programmes at Chancellor College have a number of options with regard to accommodation. All students to the college are enrolled on non-residential basis. The college campus includes 8 male and 18 female hostels, to which students apply for accommodation. The Office of the Dean of Students handles these applications. The hostels are furnished with beds and mattresses. Students only have to bring their own beddings. 

However, there are other accommodation options in Zomba (check our off-campus accommodation database).

One of these is Malawi Housing Corporation flats, which are located within walking distance of the college. These flats were specifically constructed to accommodate students. Each room in the block of flats is furnished with two beds and two mattresses for two students – just like the college hostels. Students apply for rooms in the flats at the MHC Office in Zomba. 

Zomba also has a number of privately owned houses which are let out to students at reasonable prices. These houses are located within close proximity to the college, in the neighborhoods of Nandolo and Chikanda (check our off-campus accommodation database).

No matter where a student secures accommodation, they are likely to experience a special kind of camaraderie that enhances their feeling of belonging to the college.

Students studying at Chancellor College have a number of options when it comes to culinary choice. There are a number of outlets that serve a wide variety of healthy foods, including traditional options. 

Dining Places

There are many places where students can get dining services.

The College Cafetaria

The College Cafeteria is the main building where students can be served a satisfying meal. It offers savory and affordable meals from breakfast to supper. The Cafeteria also caters for students who may have dieting restrictions.

The Sports Complex Restaurant

The Sports Complex is another location where students can find good meals. This location houses a privately run restaurant, which offers a variety of meals to students at any time of the day.

Human Ecology Department Restaurant

The Human Ecology Department at Chancellor College also practices what it preaches, providing an array of healthy dishes to both students and staff at lunchtime.

Tuck Shops

The College campus also features a number of tuck-shops, from which students and staff may purchase quick snacks in a pinch.

In short, you’ll never go hungry at Chancellor College.