Student Spiritual Life


University of Malawi is not only renowned for being the home of academic freedom, it is also a place that fosters freedom of worship. For those who aspire to improve their spiritual life, University of Malawi is open to let you flourish in that faculty. Chanco students have the right to congregate in a domination of their preference.

University Chaplain

The University Chaplain is readily available to address students’ spiritual issues, no matter what denomination you belong to. He speaks to you as a father, offering religious counselling to students and staff. 

Religious Organizations

The University supports religious organisations of different faiths, which host services that students may attend. Apart from you communing on the conventional Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, there are also in-week prayers conducted by students from different congregations to supplement the conventional services. These are colorful services held in classrooms and our graceful Chapel. The services are graced by invited pastors, reverends, prophets, priests depending on the denomination. 

If you want neutral Christian prayers, then, United Christian Congregation is at your service on Sunday mornings in the Little Theatre.

University Chapel

The University Chapel is a purpose built structure that provides space for students to worship. Over the years, the chapel has been used for morning devotion sessions, choir practice, and other religious activities. It may be used by students of any religious denomination.