New Programmes Alert:

Bachelor of Arts - Literary and Cultural Studies

Bachelor of Arts - Library and Information Science

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is pleased to announce the introduction of two new exciting programmes: Bachelor of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies (BALCS) and Bachelor of Arts in Library and Information Science (BALIS). The two programmes were recently approved by the University of Malawi Senate after a meticulous and rigorous review process. The programmes widen choices for prospective students who desire to enrol at the university that God loved the most.

BALCS aims to produce individuals who are both critical thinkers and excellent communicators. Through the critical study of literature and cultural productions from Malawi, Africa, and beyond, the programme also aims to train individuals who are able to understand and appreciate themselves and their cultures in relation to those of others. Such critical self-awareness, coupled with impeccable communication and analytical skills, will produce highly competent graduates to serve in government departments, parastatals, local and international organisations, and the mass media as advisors, translators, writers, editors, journalists, educators, public relations experts, culture and advocacy gurus, and planners in literary, cultural and language-related areas.

BALIS, on the other hand, aims to increase capacity in library and information science analysis, thereby creating a pool of well-trained cadres who will help to mainstream library and information services in all sectors in Malawi. As is well known, library and information services are critical for any society’s progress particularly in such areas as education and research, knowledge dissemination, record keeping, cultural preservation and community building, among others.

Entry Requirements:

Both programmes have multiple entry points. To be admitted into the BALCS programme at first year level, applicants must have either the Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) or GCSE/IGCSE/GCE with 6 credits and a minimum of 4 points in English, and any other two humanities subjects. Applicants with a Diploma (with credit) in Languages (majoring in English Literature or Literary Studies) from a recognised institution, shall be considered for mature enrolment at third year level.

To enrol into the BALIS programme at year one level, applicants must have either six credits at MSCE or O’ Level including English, or a Malawi Library Association Certificate and MSCE with 4 credits including English. Those with A-level and with relevant social science subjects and not more than 9 points in their best three subjects, shall be considered for entry at second year level. Holders of Diploma from any recognised university and with strong motivation for library studies shall be considered for mature entry at third year level.

For more information contact: or +265999761296 (for BALCS) and or +265 888851157 (for BALIS)