Commercial Law PG students undergo orientation

On 25th January, 2024, the School of Law, Economics and Government welcomed the 13th cohort of Master’s Commercial Law students who are about to commence their studies. The orientation commenced with the Programme Coordinator, Mr. Samuel Kaphuka, congratulating the 14 students who qualified for the programme. He mentioned that the programme started in 2012 and noted that the cohort had increased in number of enrolled students, compared to previous years. Mr. Kaphuka continued by highlighting the rules students were supposed to observe in order to have a seamless learning and research experience.

“The aim of the program is to disseminate expert knowledge in the field of commercial law, recognizing its growth as a discipline. Additionally, it acknowledges the crucial role of commercial law in the social-economic context in which people operate,” he stated.

He further shared the objectives of the programme, emphasizing that it provides students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the legal fundamentals of international business and finance, among other key areas.

The Head of the Private Law Department, Dr. Bernadetta Malunga, welcomed the students with great delight. She emphasized that they should not feel like strangers but should consider the department as their home. Dr. Malunga further explained the mode of teaching delivery, highlighting that the programme is mostly online. However, she urged the students to be physically present on campus, and should visit the library regularly to fully utilize the conducive academic environment.

“The programme is quite demanding due to the mode of delivery. I urge you to dedicate your time to all the lessons, regardless of other responsibilities you may have,” she said, emphasizing that as students, they should be disciplined and must also balance their time well between work, school, family, and social activities.

Mrs. Felister Francisco, a first-year Master’s student, expressed her excitement about being part of the cohort. She mentioned that she joined a corporate organization and believes that pursuing a Master's in Commercial Law will provide her with a platform to broaden her knowledge and establish a foundation for building her career as a corporate lawyer.

 “Aside from obtaining the certificate, my expectations include building intensive knowledge on issues that affect corporate governance, corporate finance law, and company law issues,” she said.

The orientation concluded with a presentation from Prof. Garton Kamchedzera, who spoke on competence, credits, and credit hours. Lastly, a question and answer session followed, during which students sought clarification on various issues concerning the programme.