Exploring Geography: SOS Primary School's Educational Visit to UNIMA

On the 24th of November, 2023, a cohort of Standard 7 students from SOS Primary School in Blantyre visited the University of Malawi for an educational tour. The primary objective was to explore the University's Map Library and the GIS Lab at the Department of Geography, Earth Sciences and Environment, as part of their Geography class lesson. Accompanied by their Science teacher, Mr. Samuel Makondetsa, the students were warmly received by enthusiastic UNIMA student ambassadors, initiating the tour with a concise introduction to the University of Malawi and an overview of its campus and facilities.

Subsequently, the group proceeded to the Map Library and the GIS Lab, the focal points of their visit, situated within the Department of Geography, Earth Sciences and Environment. Mr. Harvey Chilembwe, the Chief Cartographer, and Mr. Nakwenda Namoto, a Meteorological Assistant, provided insights into the Map Library and the GIS Lab's equipment, encouraging student engagement with a Q&A session that addressed all their queries. Following the exploration of the department, the students continued their tour, navigating through the UNIMA Campus.