Justice Minister engages students and staff on campus

The Law Faculty often engages recognized members of the legal fraternity to address students, as a way of getting voices from people practicing in the field.

It is in this vein that the Faculty extended an invitation to the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Samuel Tembenu to come and give a talk. The Minister agreed and on 10th December, 2018, he engaged students and staff at the Faculty of Law on the subject of Ethics, the Legal Profession and Political Participation. 

In his talk, he drew from his experience as a student, the challenges encountered in the private practice, at the Malawi Human Rights Commission, as President of the Malawi Law Society, and as a Minister in the Government.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Associate Prof. Garton Kamchedzera, pointed out that this was all done within the context of Clinical Legal Education, so all students were invited to the event. Some students also made presentations during the event. The event also attracted staff and students from other faculties.

The discussion touched on intellectual, practical and political aspects of the legal practice. “For us, he is primarily an alumnus of the faculty and head of the Justice sector in the country,” Kamchedzera stressed.

After his presentation, the Minister surprised the gathering by announcing  an essay competition. He challenged the students to write an essay on the appropriateness of applying common law principles in Malawi's constitutional and jurisdictional setting.