Law students participate in the 3rd RITZ Moot Court Competition

The University of Malawi places a strong emphasis on competence-based learning, ensuring that students actively engage in various activities, including competitions, to apply the theories learned in class. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) programme within the School of Economics and Government participate in moot competitions both locally and internationally every academic year. One of these competitions has been the RITZ Moot Court Competition, whose third edition launched on 27th November, 2023.

The Guest of Honor, Mr. Sean Longwe, Head of Business Development and Communications at RITZ Attorneys-At-Law expressed how impressed the law firm been with the performance of UNIMA students during the RITZ moot competitions over the past two years. He emphasized that the RITZ competition is a commercial moot court competition, focusing on the commercial space where RITZ is more dominant as a law firm.

Mr. Longwe continued by stating that RITZ partnered with UNIMA as a means of enhancing legal minds in the commercial space, thereby empowering students with skills they can apply after completing their studies. He concluded by commending the remarkable journey, which began in 2021, and mentioned that the winning students in the competition have the opportunity to intern at their law firm. He confirmed that their firm has engaged a significant number of successful candidates from UNIMA through this platform.

During the launch of the 3rd RITZ moot court competition, Dr Bernadetta Malunga, the Head of the Private Law Department, expressed gratitude to RITZ for their endless support over the past two years. She conveyed that the department is actively involved in various activities and is open to sponsorship opportunities. Furthermore, she extended her appreciation to the participants and acknowledged their expectations throughout the competition. She encouraged them not only to argue their cases based on what they have learned in class but also advised against mere memorization of concepts. Finally, she assured Mr Longwe of the students’ brilliance and their commitment to delivering quality sessions.

The session was characterized by brilliantly articulated arguments. One of the participants, Mr Ntchindi Chiyamwaka, a third-year student, found motivation from the competition, viewing it as an opportunity for further training through practical application. He highlighted that the competition provides a platform to engage in real-world scenarios, facilitating learning, gaining valuable experience, and allowing for the possibility of making mistakes. Chiyamwaka believed that involvement in this moot competition would contribute to shaping him into a professional in the legal field.

Out of the 24 students who took part in the first round, 16 have successfully qualified for the semi-finals. The competition will conclude on 01st December, 2023.