In direct response to the inauguration of the 2021/2022 National Forestry Season on 25th February 2022, the University of Malawi Wildlife and Environmental Society (Society) planted 2500 trees on Saturday, 26th February, 2022. 

Plem Construction Limited (PCL), a company constructing the University’s administration block donated 4000 tree seedlings towards the exercise. 

According to the PCL Administration and Human Resource Manager, Mr. Jim Jimusole Tembo, PCL purchased 4000 tree seedlings worth K800, 000 and donated to the Society as a corporate social responsibility.  

Tembo said their company takes pride in environmental conservation just like the government and other organisations hence their door was open for the students to ask for assistance in similar projects.

 “As a company, whenever we are running a construction project we ensure there is a good relationship with the community we are working with. Therefore, we were pleased to assist UNIMA students when the Dean of Students approached us. Today looking at the way students have enjoyed the planting exercise, we have seen that the students were really willing to do this”, he explained. 

In his remarks, Dean of Students, Dr.  Jonas Mwatseteza said he was impressed with the dedication to conserve the environment which the students showed and did not regret assisting them with sourcing funds for the event.

“I was approached by the patron of the society to assist these students with sourcing resources for this exercise and I linked them up with PCL. Today, I am more impressed with the dedication the students have showed”, Dr. Mwatseteza said.

“Not everybody can participate in such an event therefore for me it is actually not the number of students present that counts but the heart of these students. These are their trees they will continue caring for the trees until they leave. It’s like their signature”, he added.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow students, the president Mr. Khumbo Daniel Mbiya said the society has several similar projects and people should be on the lookout.  

He urged students, members of staff and volunteers to find time and join the various tree planting projects that the society is planning. 

“Tree planting is an event that I believe everybody should take part in. This is our environment therefore it is everybody’s responsibility to take care of it.  As a society, we are starting another tree planting project behind Chikowi Lecture Theatres and other UNIMA surrounding areas, therefore, we urge people to join us in the projects”, he said.

Notable among the staff members during the event were Dr. Japhet Bakuwa, a renowned expert in environmental ethics, Professor Samson Sajidu, a former Acting Principal of the then Chancellor College and students members of the Society.

Out of the 4000 tree seedlings that were purchased, 2500 were planted during the exercise and the remaining ones according to the society president will be planted at a later date. 

The Society committed to create time once or twice a week to visit and monitor the growth of the trees.