UNIMA Students Engage with International SW Experts

One of the fascinating opportunities that students who pass through the corridors of the University of Malawi encounter during their academic tenure and after their undergraduate studies is the chance to interact with and learn from experts and professors hailing from various international universities.

On August 15th, 2023, students from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, specifically under the Department of Sociology and Population Studies, engaged in an insightful interaction with visitors from such institutions. They had the privilege to converse with Professor Janet Walker from the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom and Dr Michael Rasell from the University of Innsbruck in Austria. The event attracted the participation of 41 Social Work (SW) students. Among these, 15 students attended the interaction virtually.

During the interactions with students and alumni, Professor Walker and Dr Rasell shared their experience with the attendees. They also conducted presentations covering a variety of topics, such as ‘Contextual Safeguarding on Child Protection’ and ‘Social Perspectives on Disability and Mental Health’. The session concluded with current students and alumni exchanging their experiences within the social work sector.

“It's a privilege to work, learn, and share experiences with UNIMA students who are committed to serving vulnerable people,” stated Walker. “This collaboration will bring forth opportunities that not only expand horizons but also establish networks for students to explore diverse perspectives on social work from international universities.”

The Executive Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr Emmanuel Ngwira, extended his gratitude to Walker and Rasell for their visit to UNIMA, acknowledging that their presence establishes a connection that holds potential for collaborative efforts. He emphasized the School's unwavering dedication to promoting the field of social work in Malawi. Additionally, he shared the School's ongoing endeavors to introduce postgraduate social work programs aimed at elevating professional growth and making practical contributions to the expansion of the social work sector in Malawi.

The collaboration with the scholars began 10 years ago, and in an effort to strengthen social work in Malawi, Walker and Rasell visit UNIMA every year through a charity initiative called Supporting Social Work in Malawi (SSWIM), which is based in the United Kingdom.