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Dr. Annie Fatsireni Chiponda

Social Sciences Education

Research Areas

Gender analysis in school textbooks particularly history textbooks; feminist studies; Disability in history textbooks, Decolonisation of the school history curriculum; Untold stories and silences in the school history curriculum, Textbook Analysis studies on different issues; Gender studies,


  • Book Chapters
    Chiponda, A. (2021). The contradiction between policy and the representation of people with disabilities in Malawian Junior secondary school History Textbooks. In D. Bentrovato & J Wassermann (Eds.), Teaching African History in Schools: Experiences and Perspectives from Africa and Beyond. Leiden/Boston: Brill Sense. (2021)

  • Journal Article
    Chiponda, A. & Wassermann, J. (2016). The depiction of women in the verbal text of a junior secondary Malawian history textbook - an analysis. (2016)

  • Journal Article
    Chiponda, A. & Wassermann, J. (2015). An analysis of the visual portrayal of women in junior secondary Malawian school history textbooks Yesterday & Today (2015)

  • Book Chapters
    Chiponda, A. (2012). The role of women in the Nyasaland State of Emergency, 1959 - 1960. In K.M. Phiri, J McCracken & W. O. Mulwafu (Eds.), Malawi in Crisis - The 1959/60 Nyasaland State of Emergency and its Legacy. Zomba, Malawi: Kachere Series. (2012)

  • Journal Article
    Chiponda, A. & Wassermann, J. (2010). Women in history textbooks: What message does this send to the youth? Yesterday & Today. (2010)

  • Book Chapters
    Chiponda, A. (2007). Democratisation process in Malawi since independence. In M.N. Chilambo & O.R. Hunnes (Eds.), Learning Democracy - A resource Book. Balaka, Malawi: Montfort Media. (2007)