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Dr. Symon Ernest Chiziwa

Early Childhood and Primary Education

Research Areas

Outcome based education, Inclusive education, students and teacher motivation, education decentralisation,


Symon Chiziwa is a Senior Lecturer in Educational and Adolescent Psychology in the School of Education at Chancellor College, University of Malawi. He is an expert in Secondary Education, Curriculum Review and Implementation, Pedagogical and Assessment practices, Outcomes Based Education, Inclusive Education and Gender. He has served following capacities; Educational Planner (Ministry of Education) , Headteacher (P6), Head of Department (P8) and Teacher in Secondary Schools, Deputy Team leader of Policy Investment Framework- Secondary Education Sector in the Ministry of Education, Member of the Technical Working Group (TWG) of Secondary Education sub-sector in the Ministry of Education, Secondary Education Representative in the National Executive Committee of the Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM), Teacher Training Representative in the National Executive Committee of the Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM),Head of Audio Visual Centre, Head of Education Foundations Department, Dean of the School of Education, Senator of the University of Malawi, Chairperson of the University Committee for Teaching and Learning and Chairperson of Chancellor College HIV and AIDS Coordination Committee. Dr Chiziwa has extensive national and international experience in consulting and research in the following areas; development of national education curriculum frameworks, Education decentralization, School leadership and Management development life skills and HIV and AIDS education curriculum and instructional materials, Inclusive and Special Needs Education, Gender, Out of School Youth Education and Gender.