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Mr. Patrick Kapito

Social Sciences Education

Research Areas

Early grade literacy development and instruction, teaching of English as a second language, language teaching and learning materials development, Teacher training, mentorship, ,


  • Journal Article
    Gondwe, L., Kapito, P, & Chauma, A. (2021). Focus on skills or writing for communication? Malawi’s Secondary school teachers’ use of feedback to promote students’ writing proficiency in English. Malawi Journal of Education and Development. Vol. 7: p. 30-53. (2021)

  • Journal Article
    Kapito, P., Jere, B., & Chauma, A. (2021). ‘Backs against the wall but fighting on’ Malawi primary school teachers’ efforts in teaching reading in challenging contexts. Malawi Journal of Education and Development. Vol. 7: p. 109-127. (2021)

  • Journal Article
    Chauma, A., Kapito, P., & Potani, M. (2018). Overcoming the challenges associated with teaching reading skills: A case of four primary schools in Zomba rural. Malawi Journal of Education and Development. Vol. 6: p. 40-60. (2018)

  • Journal Article
    Moran, A., Tembe, C., Cossa, E., Oonyu, J., Otaala, J., Clarke, L., Kazima, M., Kapito, P., & Farren, S. (2012). University-School mentorship partnerships in teacher education: The case of the Maputo Municipality Schools. Rev. Cient. UEM, Ser: Ciências da Educação, Vol. 1, No 0, pp 7-20. (2012)