General Practitioner


The General Practitioner will oversee all clinical and diagnostic services at the Medical Center. He/she will lead by example in providing compassionate/ quality healthcare and demonstrating/articulating the health services to the patients, staff and community. He/she reports to the Human Head of the Unit.

Core competencies

The core responsibilities of the General Practitioner include the following:

Health Care Management

  • Managing the patients across the whole range of medical specialties/

  • Master effective and appropriate care provision

  • Act as an advocate to and for the patients

  • Advocating and implementing clear channels of communication with clients and fellow workers to ensure optimum care and services

  • Dealing with emergencies, either organizing treatment at the Health Unit or swiftly preparing the client for referral to an appropriate facility

  • Working in line with the general policies and guidelines of the Malawi Health System

  • Overseeing the medical performance and standards in the facility and acting as an advisory to the Head of the Unit

  • Strengthening and further developing and energizing of the ART (Anti-Retroviral Treatment) program that has been in existence for years, in cooperation with the appropriate authorities

  • Overseeing the functioning of the laboratory and planning to expand and improve, if possible further develop the laboratory services to strengthen the diagnostic abilities of the facility

  • Planning, preparing, organizing and implementing refresher courses for the other clinical and nursing staff at the facility, subject to the availability of funds and facilities

Patient- Centered Care

  • Bring about an effective doctor-client relationship, with respect for the patients’ autonomy and independence

  • Ensure continuity of care, as indicated by the needs of the clients

  • Provide easily understood information to clients and have the ability to explain findings, diagnosis and treatment at an adequate level for the clients

Medical Problem Solving Skills

  • Collect information through history taking, physical examination, relevant laboratory and imaging studies to form an appropriate diagnose to be able to install effective treatment

  • Have ability to request appropriate investigations and to interpret laboratory and imaging studies to aid in the process of diagnostics.

  • Be able to have an up-to-date sharp knowledge of current treatments and keep up, through the process of continuing education, with recent developments.

  • Dealing with the medical and psycho-social needs of the students and referring them to the councilor or other psychological care when such is needed.

Prevention and Health Promotion

  • Have a keen sense of Public Health Principles and the ability to apply them to the setting of the educational institution

  • Ability to work with the management of the College and the community to develop health interventions

  • Advocating prevention of all unhealthy behaviors among attending clients and their guardians.

Attitudinal aspects

  • Being aware of one's own capabilities and values as well as limitations

  • Identifying ethical aspects of clinical practice (prevention/ diagnostics/ therapy/ factors influencing lifestyles)

  • Being aware of the mutual interaction of work and private life and striving for a good balance between them

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Close monitoring on prevailing disease patterns and occurring changes

  • Ability to conduct monthly reviews

  • Have analytic skills to evaluate the collected data and identify risk factors.

  • Planning skills to propose interventions and health promotion activities for the institution as well as the community


Qualifications and Experience

  • An MBBS or its equivalent with a minimum experience of 15 years in Senior Management position, Master’s in Public Health will be an added advantage

  • Excellent practical medical skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to consistently make good decisions through a combination of analysis, experience and judgment

  • Demonstrated excellent leadership and management skills

  • Familiarity with the Malawi Ministry of Health HIV and ART program

  • Strong report writing skills; keeping immaculate records for all clients

  • Strong organizational management and development skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Duly registered and updated with the Medical Council of Malawi.

Applications, including a detailed curriculum vitae with up to date contact details (preferably working mobile phone numbers), copies of certificates and names of three traceable referees should be submitted, not later than 13th October, 2017 to the address below


The Registrar

Chancellor College

P.O. Box 280