A twelve-month graduate internship is being offered within the University’s Registry with  three positions in academic services, communication and marketing. These are temporary  positions working under the direction of the Assistant Registrars (Academic,  Communication and marketing) and other teams within Registry. This is an opportunity  for recent graduates to develop their skills and experience required for many potential  graduate professions including higher education administration and management. The role  will require interaction with University staff, students and individuals and organisations  external to the institution. The post holders will also need to be able to work outside of  normal hours when required.



• Responding to student’s querries and attending to their frequently asked questions.

• Updating and maintaning UNIMA website frequently asked question.

• Capturing graduation data for digitizing purposes. 

• Performing clerical duties in the academic registry pertaining to students records  and files. 

• Assisting in key university activities like orientation, registration, and graduation.

• Consulting with registry team on academics issues as needed. 


• Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration and related  fileds.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities  

• Strong written and oral communications skills in English. 

• Strong organizational skills.

• A capacity to work within a complex organizational structure being customer  friendly and quality of service oriented. 

• A high standard of computing and internet skills.

• Must be professional, resourceful and able to contribute effectively in a team environment showing leadership potential, having exceptional discretion, and confident communications skills. 

• Demonstrates drive and initiative in a busy working environment.

• Ability to work collaboratively. 


Job Description  

Reporting to the Assistant Registrar (Communication and Marketing), the intern will  increase and maintain our presence/interaction on various social media platforms  (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) and our website. 

This is a 12-month paid internship. The contract spans from 1 March, 2023 to 28th February,  2024. The intern will work closely with the communication and marketing section of the  University to implement our communication and marketing plans. Responsibilities include,  but are not limited to the following: 


a. Updating the social media accounts with fresh content to improve  engagement and outreach; 

b. Conducting research to find articles and stories relevant to the University’s  mission and vision and posts on our social media platforms to invite  conversation and interaction; 

c. Assisting with the design and execution of social media campaigns

d. Tracking social media interaction and fanbase growth and providing  communication and marketing office with monthly updates; 

e. Tracking social media engagement to identify high-performing ideas and  campaigns for scalability 

f. Monitoring and proposing replies to conversation/interaction; 

g. Creating weekly and monthly editorial calendars to promote the  University’s brands on various social media pages 

h. Developing content and updates for the website;  

i. Tracking and covering all campus functions; 

j. Providing assistance during special events  

k. Contributing to the team efforts by accomplishing related tasks as needed 

l. Creating and distributing content such as blogs, infographics, videos and  press releases on social media and traditional news outlets 

m. Supporting communication and marketing team at live and online events 

Ideal Candidate Qualifications  

a. Ideal candidate is a recent graduate (graduated within the past two years) in  journalism, communications, public relations, marketing, digital filmmaking, digital  media, graphic design or a development-related field 

b. Creative, ICT savvy self-starter with a passion for social media platforms and  website maintenance  

c. Detail oriented with strong written and verbal communication skills 

d. Ability to work independently and in collaboration with the team 

e. Be flexible and willing to take on other tasks in this start-up environment. 

f. Comfortable working in a shared space environment  

g. Available to work at a call 

Social Media:  

a. Drafting and organizing social media content to promote the University videos  and media coverage on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram 

b. Contribute to social media quantitative and qualitative analytics reporting.

c. Creating and coordinating content for social media campaigns and observances

d. Monitoring and researching influencers, trending topics and tools. 

e. Sourcing content from deans, faculties, heads, directors, units and sections staff  around the campus and at events. 

f. General social media planning, research, reporting and coordination as assigned.

Writing and Editing:  

a. Corporate bios 

b. Photo captions 

c. Project descriptions 

d. Interviewing 

e. Copyediting 

f. Press releases and media advisories 

Photo, Video and Graphics:  

g. Edit and format photos and videos for social media and website h. Photo, video and audio editing 

i. Photography and videography

j. Infographics

Media Relations:  

a. Helping compiling and updating media contact lists 

b. Preparing media reports on assigned subjects 

c. Identifying and researching opportunities to share the University’s stories with  relevant journalists and media outlets. 

d. Assisting with press release/media advisory writing, editing, distribution, and  media outreach 

e. Assisting with media interview scheduling and coordination 

f. Assisting with scheduling and coordinating of photo/video shoots 

Miscellaneous Communications and Administrative Support: 

g. Taking notes/minutes during meetings 

h. Creating and managing PowerPoint presentations 

i. Report preparation for meetings and presentations 

j. Event planning and coordination 

k. General administrative, communications and marketing support as assigned. 


The interns will be given an upkeep allowance.

Applicants are requested to submit one paged cover letter and 2 paged curriculum vitae with contact details of two traceable referees. Only shortlisted candidates will be called for  interviews. All applications should be sent through: 

All applications should be received by 1st March, 2023.