School of Education

The School of Education is the fulcrum of formal education in Malawi. At the tertiary level of education, it remains the oldest School of Education in Malawi. In its conception, the School of Education was established to train teachers and education practitioners for the Malawi education sector. Over time, its mandate has evolved and it is now engaged in research, curriculum design and development, community outreach activities and consultancies. The school has also taken the advisory role on education policy matters for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. The School of Education offers various general and specialized programmes at undergraduate level, as well as postgraduate programmes both at Masters and Doctoral levels. The School of Education has currently got 6 departments. These include the following: Education Foundations, Higher Education and Professional Development, Early Childhood and Primary Education, Mathematics and Science Education, Social Studies Education, and Language Education. The School also manages the Center for Education Research and Training.


  1. Department of Education Foundations
  2. Department of Language Education
  3. Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education
  4. Department of Higher Education and Professional Development
  5. Department of Social Science Education
  6. Department of Mathematics and Science Education