A part of the action during the weekend

Chanco hosts Mo626 Sports Tournament finals

The basketball fraternity in Malawi had its eyes turned towards Chancellor College in the weekend 5th and 6th April, 2019. That is because this is when the finals of the tournament were being played. The venue was the Sports Complex, where teams from several tertiary education institutions came to battle it out.

The tournament began in 2018. Since then the teams have been meeting at various venues. The Chanco Hawks rose through the ranks, defeating teams from institutions such as Livingstonia University and the Polytechnic.

The tournament was funded by National Bank of Malawi, with total funding set aside to the tune of MK62 million.

During the finals, the Sports Complex are was packed with spectators, including senior personnel from National Bank. Mibawa TV and Chanco TV were also onsite, streaming the games live.

According to the SUCC Sports Director, Okhif Dimba, this tournament was the biggest attraction among basketball fans in the country, in part because a lot of money had been pumped into it. “The support that the Hawks received was just amazing, especially since this is their base, and they were going up against the defending champions”, Dimba said.

Apart from the main games, the event also featured shooting and dunking competitions.

At the end of the day, Malawi College of Accountancy emerged as the victors, carting away MK2 million. The runners-up, Chancellor College, received Mk1 million, while the team in third place was awarded MK500,000.