College recognizes top performing students

On 16th April, 2019, there was a function held at the Great Hall to congratulate students who have made it to the Deans’ List. This year, only 58 students have made it, compared to 118 last year. The Law Faculty had no students featuring on the list.

Representing her fellow students, Zora Manyungwa expressed gratitude to the college administration for recognizing the hardworking students, but also for the efforts in improving the learning facilities at the campus. She pointed out that it is hard work to get on the Deans’ List, “especially when you wake up to hear that the benchmark for getting on the list has been raised from 3.60 to 3.75”. The GPA of 3.75 is the one that has been applying to students that registered after 2013, when the college adopted the GPA system.

In his speech during the event, the Vice Principal, Prof. Samson Sajidu, observed that whereas the student community is ready to celebrate success in areas such as sports, excellence in academic studies is not as emphatically recognized, which is ironic, given that the primary reason for the existence of Chancellor College is to nurture academic achievements. He commented that the turnout at the Great Hall was evidence of his point. Nevertheless, the Vice Principal stressed that the existence of the Deans’ List is also to encourage those students who may not have attained that position.