Exploring Collaboration Avenues: UNIMA SRC's Potential Partnership with Ecobank

In an effort to continue enhancing the experience of UNIMA students, the Students Representative Council (SRC), led by its president, Mr. Thanks Elia, held a meeting with Ecobank officials to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration. Representing the multinational bank were Mr. Patson Chikaonda, the Account Relationship Manager, and Mr. Patrick Dzaipa, District Sales Agent from the Mangochi branch. Also present at the meeting was Mr. Arnold Manda, representing the Director of Students’ Affairs.

The main goal of the meeting was to update the council on the digital services that the bank plans to introduce to UNIMA students and to gather input from student representatives on how best to implement these services, considering the students’ banking needs. 

Additionally, during the meeting, both sides explored various potential areas where the bank could promote its brand in a mutually beneficial manner. The SRC raised points about the possibility of the bank using UNIMA models and brand ambassadors for their adverts and promotion materials, offering scholarships to financially disadvantaged students, supporting entertainment and sports, as well as considering investment opportunities in areas of transportation, accommodation and catering by purchasing a coaster, constructing hostels and expanding cafeteria operations. 

Following the meeting, Mr. Chikaonda observed that it had been both insightful and fruitful. He pointed out that the discussions had mainly centred on challenges faced by students, particularly those related to the welfare of needy students and ongoing campus development plans. 

“The proposals put forward will be presented to our management for consideration,” Mr. Chikaonda said. “We aim to establish a sustainable plan that shall deliver tangible benefits. We will maintain communication through President, Mr. Thanks Elia, to update him on the progress. We appreciate the opportunity and look forward to future engagements with UNIMA.”

Mr. Alfred Kamwendo, SRC’s Liaison Officer, speaking on behalf of the SRC, expressed his appreciation for Ecobank's proposal for digital banking services. 

“As SRC, we loved the idea of digital banking services that Ecobank presented to us,” he said. “We really need a trusted, fast and accessible digital banking service for payment of fees and other transactions as students.” 

He also conveyed his excitement about the meeting, noting that it provided an opportunity to address welfare issues affecting many students. Mr. Kamwendo expressed optimism that once the partnership materializes, it will be mutually beneficial and bring smiles to the faces of many UNIMA students.

Mr. Kamwendo conluded with a call for meetings of this caliber from other companies in the private sector as they offer their services and fulfill their corporate social responsibility, which involves contributing positively to society through various initiatives.