Students receiving the cheque from G4S Officials

Finale Dinner preparations underway: as G4S pumps in funding

Final Year students at Chancellor College are geared for a truly memorable Finale Dinner this year, in part thanks to the timely injection of funds by G4S to ensure that the function goes well. The Finale Dinner is scheduled for 10th May, 2019.

The SUCC Vice Secretary General, Mr Jerome Chisikwa, expresses his gratitude to the company. “At first we simply approached them to assist in the area of security. However, the company decided to help in other areas as well. They have also offered us the security for free, should we need it”, he said.

G4S is one of the companies that have offered to assist in the budget of the dinner, through the presentation of a MK1 million cheque. The G4S General Manager Operations, Mr Edison Mulinde, and the Zone Manager (Zomba), Mr Jonathan Tepatepa, were physically present to hand over the cheque to the students.

Over the years, the Finale Dinner has featured various exciting moments. Perhaps the one thing that people look forward to during the event is the glitz and glamour as students, especially females, go to various lengths to outshine one another in terms of evening wear. The event also usually features voting of students in various categories, such as the most sociable, most intelligent (Yaza), and others. The voting is currently underway.