Nigerian military students visit UNIMA

On Friday, 13th May, 2022, UNIMA hosted students and staff from the Armed Forces Command and Staff College in Nigeria. These students came to Malawi on a study tour as part of on-spot research in efforts and strategies being employed by Malawi to combat brain drain.

During the visit, the students attended a presentation made by Dr. Tiyesere Mercy Chikapa, a senior lecturer in the Political and Administrative Studies Department, entitled “How Brain Drain is threatening Africa’s Collective Security and Development”. Even though Dr. Chikapa’s presentation tackled both the negatives and positives of brain drain, emphasis was on the negative effects and what measures can be put in place to ensure that there is a controlled and regulated flow of skilled people to other continents so that Africa also benefits economically from the trained professionals that migrate to more developed continents.

On behalf of her colleagues, Lieutenant Commander V. B. Bisong expressed her sincere gratitude to UNIMA for the warm hospitality and the well-delivered presentation.

“For about 50 minutes we have listened to an insightful presentation,” she said. “I am happy to confess that the presentation has been informative and has given us more insight into brain drain as a challenge to Malawi and Africa as a whole. We are sure that the knowledge gained here today will be used to bring forth notable solutions on the impact and challenges of brain drain on the security and development of Africa at large.”