Students recruited for library internship

The University of Malawi has maintained a continuous involvement of students in diverse activities, enabling them to learn and sharpen their skills during their academic studies. On the 28th of November 2023, Dr. Jonas Mwatseteza, the Director of Student Affairs (DOSA), introduced the first cohort of 15 students who have been recruited as interns to work in the University’s library.

Addressing the selected students in the library, Dr. Mwatseteza emphasized the importance of discipline and focus, as the University management anticipates high-quality work from them. He pointed out that the students will work 4 hours per week, during which they would get the opportunity to learn from the directives provided by the library officials.

SRC President, Mr. Thanks Elia Mwalwanda, expressed gratitude to the Vice Chancellor, Professor Samson Sajidu and the entire University management for the commendable initiative aimed at providing students with an internship opportunity, thereby offering financial assistance. He went on to encourage UNIMA students to collaborate with their fellow interns who will be serving in different sections of the university library. Mr. Mwalwanda advised the recruited students to maintain discipline and patience as they undertake their roles.

Jayne Kanyangale, a third-year Public Administration student, expressed her excitement about the internship opportunity. She commended the University management, stating that the initiative has instilled a sense of significance among the students, demonstrating that their voices are heard and considered.

 “As a student studying Public Administration, I have consistently sought opportunities to showcase the skills I’ve honed in my management classes. This internship provides me with the chance to further develop the right skills for effective interaction with both my fellow students and seniors. I believe this experience will significantly enhance my time management capabilities,” said Kanyangale.

The selected students commenced their work on November 29, 2023, and will be engaged for the duration of one academic year. Depending on their performance, the DOSA will consider recruiting additional interns for the next cohort in 2024.