As the 2023/24 academic year ends at the University of Malawi, students, especially those in their final year, are deeply engaged in finalizing their projects. A key part of their academic journey is research presentations, where they share their findings with peers and faculty. On June 3rd, 2024, postgraduate students pursuing the Master of Arts in Theatre and Media Communications in Development program at the School of Arts, Communications, and Design began presenting their research as part of their dissertation development.

The presentations were attended by Dr. Mufunanji Magalasi, the Executive Dean of the School of Arts, Communications, and Design, who praised the quality of the students' research, highlighting it as a testament to the university's commitment to excellence. The event also drew industry professionals and UNIMA academicians, who engaged with the students and offered valuable feedback.

Dr. Magalasi emphasized the university's dedication to impactful research, aligning with the Vice Chancellor’s vision of contributing to national development through scholarly work. He noted that the topics presented by the students are relevant to national priorities, such as youth development, communication's role in population planning, and the impact of digital and online communication. He also mentioned agriculture communication as a key area of study, underscoring the program's direct impact on the development agenda and its contribution to Malawi 2063.

The Master of Arts in Theatre and Media for Development program is one of the highly attractive postgraduate programs at UNIMA. The program currently has about 41 students and it has attracted seasoned media professionals, some of whom are already working in the country’s media sector. It is a testament to the program's national relevance and appeal for those who want to upgrade their qualifications.

Dr. Magalasi pointed out that some of the students are being supervised by experts based at universities in countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia. He acknowledged the valuable experience these professionals bring, emphasizing that their guidance ensures the research contributes meaningfully to the country's development and this aligns with UNIMA's goals for Malawi 2063 and strengthens the program's overall quality.