On September 25, 2023, the School of Law, Economics, and Government's Law Section, one of the oldest and most prestigious providers of legal education in Malawi, warmly welcomed its first-year students who have been admitted to pursue the honors degree programme in law.

The students received a warm welcome from Dr. Ngcimezile Mweso, the Head of the Public Law Department and Clinical Legal Education, Dr. Malunga, the Head of the Private Law Department, and other staff members.

During the orientation, Dr. Mweso extended her congratulations to the students for their achievement in gaining admission to the programme and encouraged them to work diligently.

Taking her turn to speak, Dr. Malunga further enlightened the students on issues related to harassment in all its forms. She proceeded by informing them about the appropriate reporting channels in case they experience harassment and also cautioned them about the potential consequences of harassing fellow students, both within the department and at the university. Additionally, she encouraged them to maintain discipline during interactions in legal clinics and community outreach activities.

Mr. Chikosa Banda, one of the lecturers from the Department of Public Law and Clinical Legal Education, began by dispelling some of the common myths associated with studying law. He stated that the lecturers are determined and delighted to see their students excel with good grades in their studies, emphasizing that none of them wish to see their students fail. He further informed the students that students are selected into the LLB (Hons) programme based solely on their performance in the entrance exams and not through personal relations.

Some of the important topics that were also covered during the orientation were the legal clinic, moot competitions in which students participate with both local and international universities, and an in-depth discussion of the international opportunities that students may take advantage of.

The Law Society representatives concluded the orientation by introducing the society, explaining why it is crucial for them to join the organization, and detailing how the society functions.

Being among the few who have gained admission to study Law at the University of Malawi, the first-year students were filled with delight during the orientation.