Many have lost their lives in search for the secret behind the excellence embedded in the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College. Hard work has always won the race when it comes to attributing achievement to an entity. However, only these two eyes have discovered the other secret besides hard work.: nature! The college rest on two small rivers, namely, Chikanda river and river Mlunguzi making it an island of knowledge and excellence. Not so many take time to appreciate the beauty of nature. In fact, they can’t appreciate their own being. 

These small-but-great waters supply Malawi’s creamiest brains with fresh air which stimulates deep thinking for academic excellence. They run down from the Zomba mountain: the home of the mythical Napolo snake. 

Every week end in the afternoon, I put on my Wilson hat, t-shirt and my brown leather shoe down the shores of little river Mlunguzi. Feels good to see the water making love to the rocks. With reed jealously guarding the stream. 

Now I know why I feel fresh at every start of bossiness on Monday: the fresh air accompanied by beautiful memories of my trip down the waters. 

Now I can see why the performance of any of my fellow intelligentsia sky-rockets whenever they say hello to Chikanda river. 

On the soils of a country rated as one of the most poorest on planet earth stands a college with beauty and nature, which override all the economic rankings. 

Here, knowledge is not just nurtured, but natured by the very natural riches the world has ever witnessed. When are you coming? The waters cant wait! 

Knowledge is nature, and nature is in us: CHANCO.