As we think of our primary clients we might reflect on the fact that university education is becoming more and more expensive, despite the emergence of new institutions of higher learning in the past decade. Some students have unfortunately had to drop out of the system, not due to poor academic performance, but rather through a failure to pay their fees. The government loan system is unable to cater for all the needy students in the system. The question of what shall happen to these students is one which has been the concern of all members of staff, and suggestions have been floated of commencing local scholarship funds, or assisting in some other ways. 

Take a minute to think of the first year student. For this student, it will all be a bit overwhelming. For us as members of staff, perhaps we can take time to be a bit gentle with the first year students, for whom the orientation period alone may not have been enough to familiarize themselves with the online registration system, or to simply know the geography of Chancellor College, even as they attempt to secure accommodation in this land where that particular angle is becoming an ever ?increasing concern. 

Speaking of technology, the days of the use of chalk (and its attendant respiratory infections) will soon be a past memory. This is due to the decision by college management to replace all blackboards with white boards, on which lecturers will employ the less hazardous impermanent markers. In addition to that, several lecture rooms are being fitted with projectors. Chancellor College is making strides into the future.